We couldn't do it without you....

We would like to thank the following people and websites for helping make the SGPA what it is....

Official Teryl Rothery Website banner
Special thanks to Teryl Rothery for inspiring us to do something charitable in the first place.


Sekh's Party

Many, many thanks to Ellen Dubin who has offered to help us get the SGPA known to a larger fan-base & seen at more conventions.

Aaron Douglas Official Fan Site
Many thanks to Aaron for being one of the first two actors to donate stuffies to us!

Dan Payne - Actor
Many thanks to Dan for being one of the first two actors to donate stuffies to us!

Abydos Gate
Many thanks to the Abydos Gate for helping promote the SGPA.

Save Janet Fraiser.com
Many thanks to SaveJanetFraiser.com for helping promote the SGPA.

Thank Teryl Fund
Many thanks to the Thank Teryl Fund for their support, both of Teryl and of the SGPA.

Special thanks to Kat at Ma-at.net for help in setting up the original NPO, as well as originally hosting and maintaining the website.

Special thanks to Col. Ember, who led the Davis Dragons squad for the past three years. You've done incredible work!

Thanks to Absolute Background Textures Archive for the new background image.